Add some color ~ get your annual plants from Henry’s Gardens.  We offer a large variety of Annuals to choose from including multi-packs and potted arrangements or flowering hanging baskets for your deck or porch.

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New Annual Varieties Available

Celosia, Dracula  – Short deep burgundy, Great in a landscape

Cool Wave Pansys Lemon Yellow, Morpho

Ornamental Pepper, Sedona Sun

Petunia, Crazytunia Black Mamba

Petunia, many proven Winners

Petunia Night Sky

Begonias: Unstoppables! First Kiss, Ms Montreal, Tweety Pie and upright Fire

Scented Geraniums: Concolor Lace, Lemon Rose, Nutmeg, Orange

Annual Plants complete their life cycle within one growing season and do need to be planted each year.  They offer an instant variety of vibrant colors to your flower beds and potters.

Feeling creative?  Come check out our U-Pick annual garden filled the best picks of the season.  Here you will find popular Zinnias, daisies and more!

Custom Bouquets

Let us help you Create a beautiful custom flower arrangement from our gardens!

annual plants at Henry's Gardens
annual plants at Henry's Gardens
annual plants for bouquets at Henry's Gardens

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