Henry’s Gardens offers a large variety of Perennial plants to choose from that are cold-weather hearty plants that will return year after year for you to enjoy.

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Perennial Plants

Perennials, especially small flowering plants, that grow and bloom over the spring and summer, die back every autumn and winter, and then return in the spring from their rootstock, are known as herbaceous perennials.

However, depending on the rigors of local climate, a plant that is a perennial in its native habitat, or in a milder garden, may be treated by a gardener as an annual and planted out every year, from seed, from cuttings or from divisions.
Tomato vines, for example, live several years in their natural tropical/subtropical habitat but are grown as annuals in temperate regions because they don’t survive the winter.


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Helleborus or Lenten Rose is a zone 4-8  Shade Perennial that can Last a lifetime.  (I have my Grandmothers.)  They Love shade with  spotty sun.  A bushy herbaceous perennial standing 18” to 24” height  and 18” -24” wide.  Reliable  evergreen for the shade and Mildly drought tolerant after established.   There Buds  can start peaking out of the ground  in the early  spring (Late February) and continue to tease you thru late April.   Once the weather starts to warm they will Bloom  and last for over 8 weeks following a transformation of colors till the blooms  end up green and stiff where you can collect seed or  hold the blooms into a dried arrangement into your Fall Decorations.  

 The Lenten Rose likes Moist soil in the spring BUT can Not be in standing water.  Helleborus come in Single and Double Blooms.   The single Blooming have more blossoms,   The double blooms are a little larger, any  where from 2.5” – 4” blooms.  They may be paired with Hosta, Bleeding Heart, Meadow Rue and Coral Bells. 

Henry’s Gardens will be carrying the Helleborus Honeymoon Series from Walters Gardens in Michigan


You will also be able to find the following varieties of perennial plants at Henry’s Gardens:

Henry’s Gardens also carries the following varieties of perennial plants:

Alstromeria Inca Ice
Astilbe, Delft Lace
Baptista, Lavender Stardust
Baptista, Lemon Meringue
Cimicifuga Hillside Black Beauty
Geum Totally Tangerine
Heuchera Silver Gumdrop PW
Hosta, Brother Stefan
Hosta, Coast to Coast PW
Hosta, Guardian Angel

Hosta, Mini Skirt
Hosta, Popcorn
Hosta, Wishing Well
Lavandula Phenomenal
Leucanthemum Banana Cream PW
Malva, Zebrina
Phlox, Bright Eyes
Phlox Violet Pinwheels

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